Taking Your Education Work Overseas

In April 2018, I commenced my research regarding overseas placement agencies, scouring the internet. While I eventually signed as a candidate with SEARCH Associates, I noted that since my last international employment in the 90s, there were now a multitude of conduits available for the would-be employee. More specifically, China represented the most fertile environment for overseas... Continue Reading →

Leading out of Crisis in the Current and Future Learning Landscape

What is our superpower, you ask? We are principals. We are all experiencing the same pandemic, but our interaction with it varies based on our circumstances. A tunnel analogy is fitting; long, dark and filthy; an underground sewer one must claw their way through. We have been living with many things unknown and uncertain, and... Continue Reading →

A New School’s Adventure

It has been an extraordinary adventure to open a new secondary school. The staff at Bill Hogarth Secondary School co-determined that our learning focus would be to foster global competencies, fondly referred to as our “6Cs”:  character, citizenship, collaboration, communication, creativity and critical thinking. The work of Michael Fullan informed the initial brainstorming sessions. A... Continue Reading →

Universal Design for Learning

Is your school feeling particularly chaotic this year? Do you find yourself in firefighting mode too often and spending less time than you would like on instructional leadership? You are not alone, and the solution may be simpler than you think. I often say, “how special education goes in a school, goes the rest of... Continue Reading →

Taking the Numb Out of Numbers

Improving math instruction in our schools is a little like losing weight: we may know what to do in theory, but in practice it becomes a little more challenging. The call to return to basics comes around frequently; but what are the basics? Is it really as simple as teaching students their multiplication tables again?... Continue Reading →

A New School Year

Every August and September we are all very busy beginning a new year. As school leaders, we are all managing staffing issues, reorganization, curriculum nights and the list goes on. Even with all of this busy-work, we all have the desire to ensure that each and every child who enters our school has a wonderful... Continue Reading →

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